Temperature and rain truly affect lesson revenue.

We all know that a Covershots will protect you and your students from harmful UV rays and the elements. Instructors also tell us that by having a Covershots they can spend a full work day giving lessons, where they normally tire out in the sun. You will reduce the number of cancelled lessons by your students due to heat or rain. We have also been told that new lesson booking will increase due to providing a covered area for your students. Covershots Mobile Canopies will also protect your expensive video equipment and monitors.

We have surveyed and spoken with instructors that currently us a Covershots PTC. They have stated that their lesson revenue has increased since purchasing a Covershots (see Covershots testimonials) Based on our conversations with owners, we have made the following profit calculator and assumptions. Please feel free to input your own calculations or data, that you feel will fit your facility.

To calculate the potential profit of owning a Covershots PTC, please complete the following worksheet with your data. At the end of the process, you may receive a printout of potential profit.

Annual number of days of rain or temperatures over 90 degrees.

Average number of lessons you give per day.


Average charge per lesson.


Percentage of retained lessons on those rainy and hot days.


Total potential annual revenue increase:


Average Cost of a Covershots PTC :

$14000 $14000

Return on your investment:


Years to get your investment back: